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I’m Just A Walking The Dog

5 Feb

Had a good assisted walk with my physio team today,they say I am not really walking with my own muscles yet but more with my ligaments,but at least it’s a start and if I had a dog he would have been proud of me,so maybe that’s something for me to think about adding to our family circle,it would be cool to go out dog walking, I haven’t had a pet since I was a young boy (many many years ago) so lookout my four legged friends


Why do we work and save

4 Feb

Just found out today that all the modification work that i need doing to my house as a result of me getting Guillian Barre Syndrome that has left me in a wheelchair will not be covered by my local municipal council as I have worked and paid my tax and even managed to save a bit,then I don’t qualify for any assistance,can anyone tell me where I went wrong!!!

Guillian Barre Syndrome

3 Feb

Guillian Barre Syndrome.Hi All, I have GBS (Aman variant) had it 8 months now and still can’t walk or stand on my own,any  advice or pointers would be a great help,I know it is slow recovery but how slow is slow.Rgds AJG.

Guillian Barre Syndrome

2 Feb

Hi All, I have GBS (aman variant) have had it for about 8 months now,have been told it will be very slow recovery but how slow is slow? I have not been able to walk or stand on my own anyone have any advice  tips. Rgds AJG.